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Parkway Baptist Church, like all churches, began with a seed planted by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of dedicated individuals.  Throughout the 1950s, church growth in Greensboro was flourishing as God moved many hearts in our growing community.  As God worked at Asheboro Street Baptist Church, He led the Church to sponsor a mission church in one of the rapidly growing parts of town.  That mission church became Parkway Baptist Church.  After meeting for about 2 years at Brooks Elementary, construction on our permanent home was complete and the first service at our current location was held on February 2, 1958.  Within a few years, we outgrew that first building. An educational building and sanctuary were added in 1963.

True to our founding and the leadership from our first pastor, Dr. Leroy Parker, Parkway has remained faithful to our founding as a mission church.  From the example set by Asheboro Street’s 50-50 giving to missions, Parkway has always stretched to engage in missions of all types.  Through the years, Parkway has sponsored many aspects of missions including support to various mission programs, direct support to specific missionaries, an on-site mission home for missionaries on leave and sending individual members and teams of members on various home and foreign mission trips.

Through the years, Parkway has had the honor of being led by many godly pastors.  These men helped guide and shape our church through the decades as they sought God’s will for us.  Parkway is also blessed with a committed membership, many of whom serve as lay leaders in our church and all of whom keep us focused on the vision of our founders and the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Parkway is also blessed in that we have a number of charter members who are still active and who provide their own special contribution to our congregation.

Parkway has been led by the following pastors:

Dr. Leroy Parker (1956-1959)
Rev. Frank Eugene Deese (1959-1960)
Rev. Roy S. Liner (1960) interim
Dr. Wilson Stewart (1960-1970)
Dr. Ronald E. Wall (1970-1971) interim
Dr. Charles Howell (1971-1978)
Dr. Wilson Stewart (1978-1979) interim
Dr. Ronald Wall (1979) interim
Rev. Robert Shackleford (1979-1986)
Rev. Gene Ross Alexander (1987-1991)
Dr. Vernon Williams (1991-1992) interim
Dr. James May (1992-2001)
Dr. Don Bouldin (2002-2003) interim
Rev. Gene Lakey (2003-2005)
Rev. Peter Hamilton (2005-2006) interim
Dr. Dale Steele (2006-2008) interim
Rev. Brent Thomas (2008-2013)
Rev. Bud Parrish (2013-Oct. 2014) interim

Rev. Kevin Valeu

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